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The Blue Marble Drum Tracks Vol. 1 is the first of a two-part series where you can find 22 full length drum tracks from the Blue Marble productions.

This pack is created to improve your workflow and give you a drum & bass framework with just one click.


Inside the pack Vol. 1 you find the drum tracks of: Awakenings, Darkest Heights, Dreamers, Faith, Feel Good, Flora, Genesis, Invincible, Parhelia, Sanity, Seaside, See You, Shine, Soulset, Sweetest Sin, Take Me Away, The Style Of Evermore, Tribes, Visions, Weekend, Without Hue and Your Goodbye.

All of the content in this pack is in 16bit WAV format, 174bpm, royalty-free and fully customizable in any DAW or sampler.


Blue Marble Drum Tracks Vol. 1

€ 20,00Prijs
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